I AM / by jaybo

I AM sitting like a stone

I AM tired of faces that I don’t know 

I AM wearing an horse costume

I AM here and elsewhere

I AM included out of your we

I AM ashes where once I was fire

I AM sitting, fading, vanishing

I AM alive and so the sun.

I AM between sweet and salt water

I AM a vision in another eye


I AM made and remade.

I AM far from exhausted

I AM the rising and the going down. 

I AM the cloud with no thoughts of rain 

I AM the words that makes your mouth bleed 


I AM blind

I AM deaf 

I AM tired of myself

I AM successfully ignored

I AM swallowing too many knives


I AM dogging myself to feel humble

I AM drowning , drowning in the now

I AM sick of my own face 

I AM the holes in words where you can hide

I AM the wishbones 


I AM  running away from all of my worsts

I AM the one who waits

I AM avoiding the void 

I AM the wound and the blade

I AM the light that falls