Wisp Of Smoke by jaybo


as everything is suppose to happen,

it is with the long fingers of ignorance 

that they drill into our deflowered eyes. 

and blinded by fear we eat our way

through our own great burning fires  

but passers-by only see 

a wisp of smoke .

NOTHING by jaybo

i should not be in 

i should not look hurt

i should not be sad

i am numbed

i am standing

i am damaged and

on the verge of breaking

i am cotton 

i am a snowed song

Yesterday I Saw by jaybo

yesterday i saw 

a man sleeping in a tree.

a man who talks thru flowers.

the ocean taking a bath.

a mother running away.

people watching a ball in a square.

an open mouth snoring .

people trained to lie.

parallel crossing lines .

I am by jaybo

i am 

a simple answer to a difficult question,

an humanist , not yet ready to make serious decisions

a toddler so far , a nobody .

i am 

my own missing child 

an egoist , loyal as a dog,

a human being , unsure  about what that mean.

an escaping optimist !! a taker not yet giver ,

an alpinist from the being of the other .

i am 

afraid of being bored , afraid of being nothing 

in a constant state of falling , 

grabbing anything to feel relevant.

i am 

a body wearing scars . 

Salted Gold by jaybo

salted gold

a man watch me watching him

i do not see the cross above

golden Hand

you are nothing more 

than a part of his darkness

Unless by jaybo

cities are smells

skies are memories

reality is bullshit unless

it´s the song of the woods,

a rubber on the eagle´s wings,

a self No or a borrowed Yes,

the foreignness of what you no longer are,

a distance , a nothingness.